The Essence of Quality Education as a Tool of Human Development

  • Kibutu Peter Njogu Kenyatta University
Keywords: Development, Fundamentalism, Quality Education, Reformation and Governance, Tool


Education has become so central in life that; no sensible development can take place in its absence. The study seeks to enlighten the reader on the meaning of the touch on quality education from an African traditional point of view; an education that inculcates good values to the people e.g. Honesty, obedience, fear of God, kindness, loyalty and moral uprightness among others. Lastly, I will try to show that development is the real change for men and women, that clarity of terms will enable us to venture easily into our theme and see clearly how quality education becomes a necessary tool for human Development. Little knowledge is dangerous, so they say. This adage shows the impact made by striving for education. Literate people are not ignorant. They know that they do not know. They do not fear criticism, mere intelligence or academic excellence is not necessarily equated with wisdom. The latter is preferable in our study. My objective will therefore be meant to show dangers that accompany ignorance, and a call for an urgent need to love and cherish education. Dangers posed by lack of quality education are like; Consciousness Stint (I am sorry I am made that way) yet truth is paramount, Fundamentalism/Extremism of perceived doctrinal ideas (man was not made for doctrines, but doctrines for man.), Conformists against transformists, a heart of stone, fears of the unknown, and judges of the unknown. Others are ignorance of a person’s human rights, lack of theme category of the conference (Science and humanities- Education and human development). The study will collect data using purposive sampling procedure from a population of 600 comprising of lecturers, students and business entrepreneurs. The scope will be Tetu Constituency in Nyeri County.

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