Assessing Contemporary Ethical Issues Which are an Impediment to Human Development

  • Kibutu Peter Njogu Kenyatta University
Keywords: Conscience, Contemporary, Ethics, Society, Values, Virtue


There is a wanting urgency of alerting the young on the dangers of life on one hand and an improved attitude towards one`s sexual life and social self-empowerment as adults on the other. It is a sure way of avoiding unnecessary social crisis and trauma in future. This research is meant to educate the young and the elderly towards the avoidance of dangers which can easily lead them to hopelessness of life despite being youthful in spirit and vigor. Among some ethical issues lined up for assessment are pornography drug addiction, alcoholism, rape, sexual harassment, bestiality, adultery, abortion, radicalization, youth criminality, dressing code, and corruption among others. In a public interview with members of the public, respondents attributed this moral laxity to parents, teachers, guardians, pastors / priests, as well as indiscipline among children. My informed view is that religion as the custodian of morality in the society is squarely to blame. It has abdicated its role as the shepherd of souls. My reasons are simple to comprehend. Support of status quo: Nowadays religion appears to advance interests of the ruling class and it is not identifying itself with the poor. It has absconded its duty and it is busy baptizing the sins of politicians. By so doing they are unable to warn, shout, condemn and address moral concerns. Religious leadership is becoming authoritarian and it’s not giving its member’s space to air their concerns about the moral trends in the society. Unfortunately, due to Dogmatism and ideological stagnation, the Church has been burying its head in the sand amidst the prevalent current ideas. The doctrinal methodology has not been able to address and articulate on current ethical issues. It is boring and idle for the church to keep on repeating the same old ideologies without allowing change of interpretation and exercise of cultural ideals. Social Stigma: The language of the clergy is traditionally holy and involvement in matters of morality like sex is considered profane. Unbelievably the same clergy is now being accused of hypocrisy and living double lives where they preach water but drink wine. Half- baked spirituality is therefore a major concern and religion must redeem its image now and not tomorrow. Consumerism, Elitism and wealth rather than quality of life is fast becoming the yardstick through which success is measured. Success and worth of a person is being decided on economic, political and educational norms. Individualism is a cancer that is eating away the very fabric of the African community consciousness. Religion must reign on this cancer now. This study fits well in the theme category of the conference science and culture (contemporary ethical issues in the society) Science and religion. The study will collect data using purposive sampling procedure from a population of 600 comprising of lecturers, students and business entrepreneurs. The scope will be Tetu Constituency in Nyeri County.

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