Culture: The Core of Psychological Tranquillity and Successful Counselling

  • Okubo Monica University of Kabianga
Keywords: Individual tranquillity, Suitable counselling theories, Single vessel


Culture is a set of predominant characteristics and attitudes that identifies a society. It’s the sum total of a people’s ways of living transmitted down the generation line. Counselling is professional guidance, done through psychological methods, and techniques that test the individual’s interests and aptitudes. Psychology is a science concerned with the human mind and deals with the person’s feelings emotions and general tranquillity. Traditional African counselling founded on the people’s culture, had the family unit as the societal pillar whose members foster the entire unit. Individuals were possessively supported and guided to maintain the unit. Contemporary counselling has its roots in the early church where religious philosophers based human wholesomeness on being at peace with god. Harmony between one’s culture and one’s religious beliefs creates psychological tranquillity. Culture violation results in social rejection and counselling techniques redressing such rejected persons must adhere to the specific cultures. Study aims at determining the dependence of successful counselling on cultural practices; it also aims at assessing whether psychology, culture and counselling are components of a single vessel that will assist the individual and better the entire society. Probability and non – probability sampling designs were employed, and data was collected through interviews and questionnaires. 150 University students and staff were sampled, and the data collected was analysed using the descriptive method. Study revealed that the individual’s culture constructs psychological comfort; that successful counselling lies in aligning individuals’ psychological health to his/her practices in view of a culture subscribed to. Counsellors should understand their clients’ culture to journey with them appropriately; individuals must fit into a specified culture to embrace and be embraced to function satisfactorily; suitable theories must be formulated so that they can be used to guide all the required counselling processes.

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