Humanitarian Cosmology: Dancing with the Arts, Sciences and Sociology

  • Martin James Rice
Keywords: Keynote Paper


This paper offers a short critique of the current parlous states of physics and of biology and it suggests a need to initiate the arduous process of re-visioning a more holistic and humanitarian inter-disciplinary worldview. Inter-disciplinary perspectives are provided, both on the physical ‘Scale of Being’ and on the biological ‘Tree of Life’. Historical distinctives are noted between First and Second Peoples’ cultures and they are related to the ethnology of the author(s) of the book of Genesis. The ultimate object of integrative research (and surely of all humankind) is to name a realistic port that everyone agrees is worth sailing towards. The greater truths and virtues - global social wellbeing - universal respect - and a fulfilled life for every individual are not disposable qualities that we should set aside in mad pursuit of quantity. A new, interdisciplinary, cosmic vision is needed; one that defers to First Peoples’ integrated, anthropophilic wisdom. It’s not too late to restore a more truthful and personalizing public perception and re-locate science and technology as our valued helpers, rather the lost leaders they are now proving to be.

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